20 Dec: Media Focus on innovation and development in Shenzhen and Brisbane

Coinciding with the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Chinese economic reform, on 13 of December, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily interviewed Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk, Digital Marketing Project Manager Kate Holmes, Shenzhen Brisbane Innovation Hub Liu Yuhui and the father of cervical cancer vaccine — Ian Frazer on the topic of the development of innovative cooperation between China and Australia.

05 Dec: Exploring further cooperation and exchange with advanced technology

On 4 of December 2018, the second day of the innovation journey, Shenzhen Brisbane Innovation Hub led five Australian projects visit the world famous innovative modelling partner Shapeprototype and participated the Songshan Lake China-Australia Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cooperation Exchange conference at UTCP Songshan lake productivity building.

04 Dec: Pitch @ Palace – the road to success for start-up entrepreneurs

The Pitch @ Palace Australia series was successfully held on November 19th -30th, 2018 in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other places in Australia.
Five events provide opportunities for start-up entrepreneurs from across Australia to get an opportunity to learn about the Pitch @ Palace program, connecting with relevant local resources and obtaining professional consulting guidance for business.