We have extensive connections within the Australian and Chinese business communities, and are committed to building a deep mentor portfolio focussed on our industry sector priorities. We are selecting mentors who have the national and international market experience to be able to provide practical and immediate advice to start-ups at every step of their development journey. Our aim is to establish the most China-savvy mentor portfolio in Australia. Overall, we will recruit 28 mentors for our 7 priority areas.


ACIC will provide extensive opportunities for start-ups to physically access the Chinese community of investors and the Chinese market. We will take regular start-ups groups to key Chinese cities to pitch to investors, investigate new markets, explore distribution channels and partners, and research the regulatory landscape.

We anticipate that our China innovation tour program will include a number of specific streams, including:


Regional start-ups


Smart cities


Health care


High quality food and beverages


Culture and creative industries

Our Chinese tours will provide personal, dedicated service to each start-up, including where required translation services, market advice, itinerary management, and negotiation support.


Investigation of potential distribution channels


Identification of effective and credible distribution partners


Assessment of target markets (Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 cities)


Examination of potential Chinese investment partners


Engagement with government and regulatory bodies to understand and address regulatory issues) 


We develop an armoury of resources designed to make China market entry more efficient and effective for Australian start-ups.

A 600 m2 co-working space with capacity for up to 50 workstations

A 600 m2 co-working space
Support services supply

Support services including administration, finance, legal, IT, marketing and supply chain/logistics

A China market entry kit to help orient start-ups to the Chinese business landscape

A China market entry kit
Australian start- ups and projects

A continually updated database of information on Australian start- ups and projects in our 7 priority areas

High definition video conferencing facilities to enable regular, high quality contact with investors, partners, suppliers, and customers

High definition video conferencing facilities
Chinese Investors and Potential Market

A continually updated database of information on Chinese investors and potential market entry partners


We will organise a series of tailored training programs for start-ups to demystify the market entry process and provide practical, relevant advice and guidance. We will tap our mentors and other subject matter experts to deliver guest presentations on:

Supply chain strategy
Negotiation and deal-making
Business etiquette
Chinese culture
Intellectual property protection

Regulatory developments in China