V-Next is an initiative proposed by SZSE to facilitate innovative capital formation around the world.

The objective is to build an ecosystem across different countries to integrate financial intermediary services, institutional investors and projects.

V-Next is endorsed by SZSE and China’s Ministry of Technology and run by Shenzhen Securities Information Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SZSE. V-Next Platform integrates market intelligence, displays information of both buyers and sellers, cultivates the market and conducts project-fund matching.

The platform facilitates capital flow by building a community of qualified professional investors, specialized financial intermediaries and a support system for cross-border capital formation.

V-Next has achieved remarkable success in China with over 12,000 institutional qualified investors registered recording in excess of 20% success rate in matching projects to capital.

Phone:      +8675582581061, +8675583018614

E-Mail:       V-Next@cninfo.com.cn

Website:    www.v-next.cn/index.do

Address:    18/F Shenye Center, 5045 Shennan East Road, Shenzhen, China