Ch-gemstone Capital


Ch-gemstone capital management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ch-gemstone capital”), is China first adhering to the “global vision, Chinese opportunity!” Concept, focus on China’s medical and health care in the field of equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, debt investment and financing, financial consulting and other services, as well as the professional field of top wealth management financial investment banking services.

Until now, in Ch-gemstone capital management and operation of more than 20 health field of the equity investment fund, including in  Ch-gemstone Tai Shan,  Ch-gemstone Huangshan,  Ch-gemstone Heng Shan, Yu Jin Zhongkai,

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Address:  9F of south building, Zhonghai Square, no.8 Guang Hua Dong Li, Chaoyang District, Beijing