optics valley creative incubator ltd.


Wuhan optics valley creative incubator ltd. was established in August 2009.

The incubator relies on Wuhan optics valley creative industry investment to open up all aspects of the animation and creative industry chain.

It provides technical support services based on Wuhan animation public technology service platform, marketing services based on Hubei animation public channel, investment and financing services based on the optics valley cultural and creative industry investment fund and highlighting the characteristics of incubator students’ innovation and entrepreneurship carrier based on Wuhan youth innovation and entrepreneurship service platform.

Phone:      027-87762888, 027-87610667

E-Mail:       guangguchuangyi@qq.com

Website:   www.ovcreative.com

Address:   20 Guan Shan Rd, Dong Hu development zone, Hongshan District, Wuhan