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20 Aug: Event Review: Smart City and Real Estate Technology-China-Australia Webinar

A smart city is an urban form in an innovative environment supported by a new generation of information technology. A true smart city should be able to fully develop and utilize human wisdom, be rich in manufacturing, calmly respond to complex current challenges, adapt to the requirements of scientific development, and possess human intelligence.
At this event ACIC invited LvGem Group and Constellation Technologies CT1 (Smart Operation Management Solution), Blue Quest Group (Modular Nano Water Filtration System) and Staarboard (a new generation of thermal insulation materials) from Australia to discuss the development of smart cities. Trends, the application of advanced technologies in smart cities, and actual cases.


20 Aug: Technology & Revolutioning Education Delivery: Learn from Tencent and UQ

In 2020, with the global spread of new crown pneumonia, all walks of life, including economy, trade, culture, and education, have suffered a huge impact. This online conversation between Tencent and the University of Queensland is not only actively seeking solutions to this severe challenge, but also includes reflections on the current state of education and discussions on future education trends.


20 Aug: The online pitch of the First-Net Returnee Project

The online roadshow of the returnee project hosted by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Review Center and the Southern Venture Capital Network and undertaken by the China-Australia Innovation Center, Green Orange Capital, Chuangfuhui, and Brick Investment Platform was successfully held.

This event brought together 11 high-tech projects at home and abroad and attracted the attention of many investment institutions. It provides a convenient and efficient connection channel for the follow-up communication of the project.



On August 12, ACIC will join hands with JVT Co., Ltd. invited by Shenzhen International Investment Promotion Association, as well as Shape Prototype (hardware/IOT product manufacturing solutions) and Espresso Displays from Australia (the world’s thinnest portable touch screen) ), TimeChi (a new generation of work management intelligent hardware), and Arc Hardware Incubator (Australia’s first hardware incubator) to discuss the practical application of advanced manufacturing and the possibility of future cooperation.

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27 Nov: 16th ICIF Round-table Seminar 2019

On 21 November 2019, the delegation of Shenzhen Press Group and International Cultural Industry. ltd held the 16th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair Round-table Seminar at the Capital in central Brisbane, which attracted numerous Australian organizations and companies to participate in the event.


25 Oct: China(Shenzhen)— Australia(Brisbane) Economic & Trade Cooperation Conference successfully held in Brisbane

China (Shenzhen) – Australia (Brisbane) Economic & Trade Cooperation Conference Luohu District Business Environment Introduction Meeting was hosted by Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality and Shenzhen Luohu District People’s Government, organised by Shenzhen Economic and Trade Office in Australia, Investment Promotion and Enterprise Services Agency of Luohu, Shenzhen and Shenzhen International Investment & Promotion Association, and co-organized by Australia China Innovation Centre (ACIC).