Our excellent support team will assist you in every aspect for achieving your goals


Our excellent support team will assist you in every aspect for achieving your goals


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Terrence Liu

Director of ACIC


Terrence Liu is the director of Australia China Innovation Centre, he graduated from Bond University with master degree of Financial Management and Griffith University with bachelor degree of Hotel management. He is also the founder of Queensland Chinese Start-up committee.

With solid finance knowledge, investment and financing experience and rich network of China investment relations, he has wide connections and long term cooperation relationship with organizations in VC, angel investors and PE fields, e.g. Zhongyu Capital, Sequoia VC, Zhenfund, Legend Star,etc. also those with private entrepreneurs background and associations, such as Hubei New Third Board Federation, Anhui Private Entrepreneurs associations, Shandong Entrepreneurs Club, etc.

As a bridge and messenger of Chinese Capital and Australian market, Terrence uses his experience and knowledge in Finance industry and his understanding in bilateral market to create values for Chinese Capital in locating Australian projects/companies/IPs.

  • He successfully assisted LinkedPower (a local Brisbane Start-up) raised AUD 100,000 and got market evaluation of 1.66 million Australian Dollars.

  • He is the advocator for UQ big data projects, successfully connected the project with AUD 2 million in Hubei and also with the gene big date project in Shenzhen.

  • He is also the consultant in Hubei Asia Heart Disease Hospital in providing consultations in international medical industry, as well as connecting them with Biotech and hospital management systems from western countries.

  • He brought the concept of community management into local Gold Coast restaurants, together with the owners of traditional restaurants, they used a new way to management and make the target market more closely connected with each other, also more loyal to the brand.

  • He is also the one brought LED T-Shirt into Australia market by precisely positioned the right technology and market, he introduced manufactures in China with local Australian distributors.

  • He connected a karaoke entertainment start-up with leading technology/systems and IP from China, the company was successfully sold to a Chinese buyer at AUD 1.8 million.

Through years of experience in doing business with Australian local enterprises and Chinese investors, Terrence has accumulated rich market experience, which let him have a better understanding of the needs and pain points about local start-ups. He breaks though the structured financial planning method, use a non-systematic approach to effectively formulate corresponding market strategies and fundraising plans by analyzing it financial status, cash flows and the forecast in 2 years, etc. All the above, gives a better approach for Australian start-ups to grow, commercialize and connect with international markets.