Ms. Sara Zhang has been developing bilateral business in China and Australia for the past ten years. She has participated in and led the international development and commercialization of Australian companies and projects in the fields of advanced manufacturing, biomedicine, education and SAAS. Ms. Sara Zhang is a director of Zinger Technology. During her tenure, she advocated and operated the Shenzhen Brisbane International Creative Incubation Platform, which has been widely supported and recognized by bilateral agencies.

She is a mentor of Bond University Commercialization Center, University of Queensland Industrialization Center, Queensland Innovation Center and Australian Hardware Incubator, and an expert advisor to the Gold Coast Angel Investor Association. She has extensive experience in business strategies, customer experience, innovation, sales, marketing, supervision, compliance and intellectual property protection encountered in the commercialization of technological innovation.

Ms. Sara Zhang actively supports the technological innovation and commercialization development of start-up companies in Queensland and has been invited to share knowledge on related topics many times. She is also an active promoter of Australia’s multicultural community. She has served as the initiator of cultural talk shows and actively promoted cultural and technological exchanges between China and Australia.